Balinese holiday

Bali Island
This Balinese holiday is designed to pamper you in all levels of the mind, body and spirit. With the mixture of beauty and harmony of nature and culture of ancient healing arts, selected features are guaranteed to restore and rejuvenate your senses.  

A portion of this holiday in places where pampering luxury accommodations with a pristine beach suburb, to ensure the maximum imprisonment for all customers, those 78 free-standing, luxury villas on the cliff top are fixed in Bali traditional compounds Bali, with private pool surrounded by tropical gardens. You'll feel like the only person on Earth. If you do decide to venture out, you can enjoy convenient access to all facilities of the property, including the Bali Spa, restaurants, cafes and lounges. More information: www.luxworldtravel.com
Te second  go to  requires for you to transfer across the island to the north shore, where you will experience the simplicity of a personal Zen Retreat, your own personal beach side villa, at an allinclusive, holistic center.


Vacation Tips in Bali

Bali has become a major tourist destination in this country. Almost all over Bali, including the small islands around it, has been touched by tourists. But you know what to do and not to do while in Bali?

Watch  valuables you. Crime continues to increase, some tourists have also become victims. Goods and important documents you should be left alone in the hotel. If you have taken, do not be careless, purse or backpack should always be within reach of your attention.

Respect party that was doing a religious procession walked slowly. Never honk.

Do bargaining when shopping, unless the merchandise was listed price.

Do Not pay attention or try to offer to those who offer goods or services (such as foot massage service at the beach) if you are not interested or do not have plans to buy or use their services.

When swimming at the beach, do not swim in prohibited areas marked, because the ocean currents can be very hard. Swim between the red and yellow flags.

Do not take drugs.

Special  for women, do not enter the temple if you are experiencing menstruating.

IF you attend religious rituals, wear gloves and tape, do not walk in front of people who are praying, do not use flash when taking pictures with the camera, and never sit higher than the priest who officiated at the ceremony.

When across the street, do not forget to look left-right, the car might have stopped but the motorcycle might not. So, be careful. Happy holidays!